Our Team


Mr. Ram Kailash Mahto

The GTC group was founded by Mr. Ram Kailash Mahto in the year 2001. He is an Engineer from the reputed Delhi College Of Engineering and has more than 3 decades of experience in the metal industry. A well known businessman and a philanthropist he has also won several awards including the entrepreneur of the year award in 2017.

Mr. Mahto is also the board member of IBPC which is the oldest and largest association of Indian businessmen and professionals in UAE. 

He also serves as the board member of several other organizations such as Business Leaders Forum and has his own charitable organization for sports, culture and education which aims to provide a link between the educational system of India and UAE. 

ram kailash mahto chairman GTC group
Mr. Ram Kailash Mahto

Chairman - GTC Group Of Companies

Col. (Retd) Krishna Kumar

Group CEO

Col (retd ) Krishna Kumar is currently the CEO of the GTC Group of companies.  Seized with over two decades of exemplary service with the Indian Armed Forces and equipped with Master’s degree (M.Tech) in automobile engineering and MBA in quality Management , he has played a pivotal role in transforming  the group into a success story and redefined the quality parameters of our products which is appreciated by one and all,  especially our prestigious clients worldover. He has led the entire team from the front , setting personal examples with a never say NO attitude. Under his able guidance and foresight, the GROUP  has conceptualised, executed, operationalised and run successfully  various projects  even in most hostile environments across continents.

Mrs. Meena Kumari

Group VP

Mrs. Meena Kumari is an Ex. Director in the Ministry Of Power in India. Having served the government of India for over 30 years in the power sector she is an expert of CCGT and coal powered thermal stations. She is also an MBA and engineer and has headed National Power Training Institute of India (NPTI) for several years in the past. Having led operations across Africa and North America provides her with a global exposure in the field of power generation and training for simulators. She is a specialist in power generation and distribution projects and leads the GTC power division and GTC operations.

Mr. Abhishek Kumar

Group Director

Mr. Abhishek Kumar is an MBA and Engineer.  He is also an Ex-Amazon senior leadership and worked with several renown organizations such as LVMH in the past. His acumen with technology led him to pioneer the QR code and remote printing technology in the field of third party inspection. He also holds a masters in hospitality and a certified google ads manager and leads the hospitality division of GTC group. He is a versatile professional having an acumen of various industries and technologies. Having worked in 5 different industries and across several roles gives him a holistic understanding of any business situataion. 

Mr. Rakesh Ranjan


Mr. Rakesh Ranjan is a versatile business professional and has held key positions such former CDO and advisor to UAE free zones. He also headed ETA infotech and ETA engineering as CEO of the group. He has more than 20 years experience of transforming organizations into success stories. 

Mr Kazmi GM GTC Metal Recycling
Mr. Syed Kazmi

GM- GTC Metal Recycling

Mr. Syed Kazmi is a well known professional in the metal recycling industry having more than 30 years experience in the field. Having worked with companies such as Lucky Recycling and now  GTC, Mr. Kazmi has played an important role in shaping the future of metal recycling in UAE. 

Mr. Rishi Raj Garg

Finance Manager - GTC Group

Mr. Rishi is a thorough business professional having a CFA degree in Finance. Mr. Rishi has headed the finance division of GTC group for  more than 7 years and has been key in raising funding for the group.

Mr. Rishi Raj Garg

Finance Manager - GTC Group

Mr. Rishi is a thorough business professional having a CFA degree in Finance. Mr. Rishi has headed the finance division of GTC group for  more than 7 years and has been key in raising funds for the group.

Mr Pandey - Production Manager GTC metal Recycling
Mr. S. K. Pandey

Production Manager - GTC metal Rec.

Mr.  Pandey is an expert in metallurgy and production. Having worked with the leading  metal recycling companies in India and an experience of 20 years in metal recycling industry provides him with unparalleled insight into production. 

Mr. Prabhu Subramani

GM - GTC hospitality

Mr. Prabhu Subramani is a veteran in the field of hospitality. Having worked with brands such as Taj, Hyatt Grand, Flora Group and several others he has a rich background of more than 13 years in hospitality.  

Mr. Vivek Kumar

Business Development Manager - PSIC

Mr. Vivek Kumar has headed the pre shipment inspection vertical for the company for several years and is well known in the industry. 

Mr Salem PRO GTC
Mr. Salem

PRO - GTC Group

Mr. Salem is the PRO for GTC group of companies and has worked previously with the economic department of Dubai. 

Mr. Mutthu Palaniappan

Logistics Manager - GTC Group

Mr. Mutthu is an expert in logistics having 18 years experience in logistics management. He has been heading GTC logistics for 6 years.